Wandering Bloom Art is Mel Eatherington’s DBA — so named because of the “bloom” that happens when alcohol inks mix with blending solution. Alcohol inks are a unique medium, and are not for those who need rigid control over every step of the creative process. As the very talented Lorrie Brewer notes, “If you argue with the inks, you’re gonna lose about 99% of the time.”

Mel is an abstract artist tucked up in a small town in northern New York, where the snow is measured in feet and people look at her funny when she says, “y’all.” Born and raised in eastern North Carolina, she spent eight years in San Antonio before moving to her current town. She has also spent significant time in Bavaria (in southern Germany).

Mel’s journey as a serious artist began just a few years ago, though most of her sales were from traveling to local craft shows selling her wiresmithing crafts (jewelry, ornaments, suncatchers). Still, she kept coming back to alcohol ink painting, time and time again. She was in love, but would it ever amount to more than a treasured hobby?

In a funny twist of fate, Mel’s favorite band (Snow Patrol) gave her career the boost it sorely needed. In July 2020, Mel’s painting, “Kindled,” won an art competition to be featured on the cover of a charity EP by Snow Patrol and the Saturday Songwriters. Partly due to some very kind promotion by the band, it didn’t take long for the world to take notice!

Mel’s favorite pieces are commissions and collaborations. She’d love to do more album covers. 😉

When she’s not covering paper (and her hands) in vibrant inks or dashing to the post office to mail paintings and prints, Mel is usually hanging out with her husband and three kids or managing the family’s menagerie. Other loves include traveling, singing, swimming, reading, railbiking, knitting, writing poetry, and sledding!

Kindled…the one that Went Places.

Any artwork featured on this page is © Mel Eatherington, 2018-2021. You may not reproduce any part of any of Mel’s work without express written permission.

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